may, hey

from indian lakes.

You’re standing in the sunlight
I want to be the dream that you see at night
You’re looking for the other side
I want to be the one who could save your life
You’re standing in the sunlight
I want to be the dream that you see at night
You’re looking for the other side
I want to be the one who could save your life










march playlist.

march was filled with: travels to california – new friendships – lots of coffee – letting go – embracing uncertainty and possibilities.

the playlist below holds some tunes that i have enjoyed driving too and/or falling asleep too. my top 2 most played probably have been “girl in calico” and “runaway.”

enjoy – embrace new sounds – appreciate.



new voice. liza ann

 “and, i can’t muster up the courage to say it’s best that i leave”

I would rather HAve iT fall apart
than act like we’rE on solid ground 
i would rather have To watch you go
tHan keep you here when you don’t know

i would RAther have us clear the haze
than hold it in and suffocate




thy new


new artist: the japanese house _ the songs you want playing when possibly driving away with a little fear but over ruling excitement…if that makes sense

artist most listened to: john mark mcmillan –

setting suns.

“all i can think about is how good You are to me”

carbon ribs.

“one day when i am free i will sit the cripple at your table”

counting on.

“when I can’t trust the company I keep, when i’ve push passed the point of pressing on… You’re what I’m counting on”

song that makes me want to see the world: young as the morning old as the sun by passenger

recent concert: rainbow kitten surprise / experience described: high school girls + tacos before + yus / fav performed song:first class

favorite on the radios: love me now. john legend + starboy. the weekend


10 songs i can not seem to stop listening too _

  1. rising water . james vincent mcmorrow
  2. 33 “GOD” . bon iver
  3. touch the sky . hillsong united
  4. the bad days. david ramirez
  5. find the light . daivd ramirez
  6. bare bones . rainbow kitten surprise
  7. rescue you . johnnyswim
  8. don’t give in . third eye blind
  9. in the sun . joseph arthur
  10. break your plans . the fray


why _

you make me feel  a l i v e  in spite of rising water” -jvm / i always think of james vincent mcmorrow as “raw” – give his album “post tropical” a listen and i think you would agree…i have memories sitting in my freshman dorm room after a long week, listening to these songs, his tunes accompanying me on my drive back home or to a yoga flow with a candle burning somewhere…ya know, when the feels hit and you realize you are growing up. one of my all time favorite lyrics by him is “…sometimes my hands they don’t feel like my own…” i find this beautiful…for me i relate this one line too those moments when i acknowledge my brokenness by realizing how often i settle instead of waiting, doing things i don’t want to simply because it’s what can come easy at many moments – when he sings this line i can feel the moment of knowing a change is needed and the hope to start seeing that change…


honestly, bon iver is an intricate artist. thoughtful. i am still trying to figure out all the hidden details and motives behind his new album, “22 a million” … all i know is i can’t stop listening to it…i read an album review that helped give some insight and appreciation of his recent work : H E R E  …. a line from 33 “GOD” that i seriously could talk about for hours is simply….”i’d be happy as hell if you’d stay for tea…” so beautiful. i can see possibility one feels just wishing for a few more moments with new fond friend. or that beautiful comfort felt when somebody desires to share their time with another. also, the memories of once feeling that desire with an old lover but not quite anymore. i can see the shy guy thinking these thoughts but never saying them aloud, as he missed the opportunity. i love how simple it is – like simply sharing a moment with someone, over tea, is enough. i think of the moments i try to fill with so much other stuff when simply stripped down to face to face talk is so valuable…it’s personal…all of iver’s work is – it is art worth discovering.


“i touch the sky when my knees hit the ground”

“i found my life when i laid it down” <-acoustic version

matthew 10:39 “whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it”          /        humility. i try to listen to this song daily – to remind myself, of honestly, the only thing that matters, who i am living for. this song serves as a beautiful truth that dependency on our creator/father is where we will thrive – the only true fulfillment. give this whole album, “of dirt and grace”  by hillsong a listen – your heart will be stirred and eyes opened.


david ramirez: an artist i have known for all of a month but could talk about him as if i have been a fan my whole life. (thanks to tyler for introducing me to him and letting me tag along  to a recent show at cats cradle!!!) after seeing him live, i was blown away. ramirez had this cool idea to record all his shows and then send a link to all who were attendance. seriously, the coolest. i have been listening to the recordings too much… his lyrics are what get to me…”find the light” a song you can’t but help sing and  think about past lovers or friends, even the ones that didn’t really treat you best..still, at the end of the day, the hope that they are doing okay and finding the light….my favorite line from this song is, “i wish for less of what you want and more of what you need” – ramirez closed with this song and couldn’t have presented a better end. here is a link to the whole performance, be prepared to just be in awe.  if you are limited to time i recommend listening to – find the light & stick around & the bad days –


rainbow kitten surprise from boone,nc – a band i have come to love. this past summer i saw them live before i even listened to them at the eno river festival in durham and really was blown away – i guess if i am honest i have this weird connection with them cause my ex showed them to me and the lyrics are personal/raw/messy but hey, it’s music & life. their lyrics are some truths i sometimes don’t want to admit that can  paint a once relevant time. some of my favorite lyrics from various songs are:: “say you love me like you used too” “to feel warm in cold love” “if you are weak, come to me and find shameful company.” looking forward to see them next weekend at the pour house in raleigh nc.


rescue you by johnnyswim is one of those songs that speaks for itself. this duo from nashville is a good find. they just released a new album – check it out.


okay, my third eye blind obsession began my senior year of high school and still continues on. my favorite album in full is “dopamine” released last year. i love how an album can make you dance+laugh+cry+remember. but they just had a new one come out so i’ve been exploring those songs. “don’t give in” is my favorite so far _ my favorite song by them will always be “something in you” the one line that says it all: there is something in you i believe in……. mic dropped… exclamation point


in the sun by jospeh arthur has been on my top played songs since middle school. i remember finding arthur’s music by creeping on this chicks myspace and falling in love with this tune. when i had my ipod touch i would put this song on repeat and fall asleep to it…for years i didn’t even know the meaning of the lyrics, i just liked the easy listening it offered but with time, the words pretty much meant everything….”i know i would apologize if i could see your eyes…i’ve been caught in between all i wish for and all i need…may God’s love be with you, always….cause when you showed me myself, i became someone else….”


yall – the fray !!!! my first memory of this band was watching their “over my head” music video on vhl/mtv in the weee hours of the morning before school. then buying their album how to save a life and downloading it onto my ipod and replaying it in the backseat of the expedition on the way to PA… i love the heavy piano in all their tunes – “break your plans” has been a recent favorite – a song i wana hear live…..


cheers if you read all that – i shall apologize, now at the end, for all my english errors, a weakness of mine… anywho, i hope you give these songs and artists a listen and talk about it with some friends. one of my favorite things to do is to challenge a friend to pick out my favorite part/line from a song and then i to do the same.


spotify: amanda speer